Conference presentations, journal articles, book chapters and any other communication materials related to the SWARM platform are listed below. Some older publications by the developers as a result of other research projects are also listed below due to their relevance to the catchment and overall SWARM platform.

Blog piece/perspectives

  1. Managing water for the future: Can web-based river basin assessments show the way forward?


  1. A web-based platform for managing water resources allocation under climate uncertainties, ADB Asia water forum 2018, 02 October 2018, Manila, Philippines.
  2. A web-platform to assess the implications of climate and development uncertainties in managing water resources allocation and use in Lower Mekong region, Poster presentation at American Geophysical union (AGU) 2018, Washington DC, USA.

Journal Articles

  1. Polpanich O, Lyon SW, Krittasudthacheewa C, Bush AL, Kemp-Benedict, E (2017): Modelling impacts of development on water resources in the Huai Sai Bat sub-basin in north-eastern Thailand with a participatory approach, International Journal of Water Resources Development,
  2. An experimental web-based game for enhancing stakeholder understanding of climate and land use impacts in managing Ca river basin, Vietnam (In preparation).

Book Chapters

  1. A stakeholder centric tool for implementing water management strategies and enhancing water cooperation in the Lower Mekong Region (In preparation) for the book on Water, Climate Change and Sustainability