Catchment description

Srepok River Basin is a transboundary basin between Cambodia and Vietnam.

The total drainage area of the basin is 30945 km2 of which 60% lies within the Vietnam boundary. The elevation of the area ranges from 56 masl at the downstream in Cambodia to 2422 masl in the highland in Vietnam.

The climate of the basin is highly influence by the southwest monsoon, with an average annual rainfall of 1795 mm and average temperature of 25 ℃. About 80% of the total rainfall occurs in the wet season which lasts from May to October. The average discharge at Bandon station is 260 m3/s whereas at Lumphat station is 725 m3/s.

Vietnam side of the basin is comparatively more developed than Cambodia. There are five hydropower dams located at the upstream with a combine installation capacity of 750 MW and one is in a planning stage.

Summary: physical features

  • Length - 450 Km
  • Drainage area - 30945 km2
  • Elevation - 56-2442 masl
  • Average temperature - 25 ℃
  • Annual rainfall - 1800 mm
  • Discharge - 725 m3/s downstream
  • Land use - Forest (74%), Crop (21%), Urban (0.94%)


In this game, you, the player, will make development decisions for a river basin. Your task is to make decisions for the next 15 years (2020-2035) that are good for multiple sectors: domestic, agriculture, industry, hydropower and environment. The decisions you make will be evaluated under 3 climates reflecting climate uncertainty: Dry climate, Normal climate and Wet climate.

Do you want to increase agriculture yield or want to generate more income by supplying water to industry and produce more hydropower? How does your decision for building new dams have an impact on water coverage? How much water is available for environment flow?

You can try out these decisions, in each trials of this game. The schematic below gives you a general idea of the layout of the basin. In each trial, make your choices in the panel to the right, and click 'Submit'.

The model will take your inputs and run on the server. It will take about 2 minutes to run each trial. Results will be presented for each trial. You can compare your development decisions and results from each trial.

The baseline (2000-2015) has a score of 0. If you get a score:

  • above 0, you have done better than the past;
  • less than 0, you have done worse than the past;
  • equal to 0, you have performed neither better nor worse than the past.

Basin development choices